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Amalfi Coast Tour

A day trip on a beautiful boat is definitely the perfect choice for those who want to admire the beauty of the charming Amalfi Coast: we will discover together beautiful caves and hidden inlets such as the famous Furore’s Fiordo for instance. We will enter breathtaking grottos such as the Emerald grotto and you will have the privilege to discover amazing beaches only accessible from the Sea side.
This will happen of course, in a total relaxation mood, sipping a zesty drink, kissed from the Amalfi Sun and cradled by the waves.We will admire the small villages overlooking the sea like Positano or Amalfi that make the Coast unique with their dramatic sceneries.
We will get out on the blue to reach the stunning Li Galli Island known also as mermaids Island with their mythological atmosphere linked to the Odysseus and the mermaids singing.